Planning for when one passes away or in the event that one loses capacity to make decisions is a very morbid thought and it is often difficult to know where to start. Our experienced Wills & Estate planning team will bring clarity to this complex area of the law. We are able to assist you in the preparation of your Will and other related documents such as creation of Trusts,  Appointments of Enduring Guardian and Powers of Attorney. We are dedicated and experienced in ensuring that your testamentary intentions and your assets are protected after you pass away.  We can also assist you to reduce the stress for you and loved ones in the event that you suffer loss of capacity through accident or illness by ensuring that your affairs are in order.



Have you been appointed Executor under a Will or has a loved one passed away without leaving a Will?

We can help you to obtain a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration and to distribute the estate in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.  We will also help you discharge your duties as Executor or Administrator in accordance with the law and to meet and negotiate or defend any claim made against you or the Estate and will ensure that you are protected at all times.



Have you been left out of a Will or as a Beneficiary, do you feel that inadequate provision has been made for you in the Will or by the Administrator?

Our team has the expertise, experience and reputation to help you obtain what’s rightfully yours.  We get to know you, your history and your needs and we help you to negotiate and if necessary, fight for the best possible outcome for you.